Armed with millions of questions and a Macbook, Gina Gaetano is an Internet lover with endless curiosity for how people live and create. With a degree in rhetoric and professional writing from the University of Cincinnati, Gina's been doing social media for over 6 years and writing for publish for 12.

Currently, Gina’s an online editor and content manager for HOW Design and Print Magazine, two online publications for design professionals and consumers of visual culture. In her position, she works with freelance writers to secure articles that help implement editorial strategy, copyedits their pieces, writes her own, implements SEO strategies for each piece, and produces all social media content for both brands.

Previously, she served as social and digital media manager for Thunderdome Restaurant Group. During her time there (first as a contractor and later with Thunderdome), she managed a diverse social portfolio of restaurant concepts, worked with staff to ensure the receipt of content that matched messaging and goals, directed and shot videos for social media, and spent a lot of time taking gratuitous food photos.

In her off-time, she enjoys falling into YouTube black holes (currently - Vine compilations), reading online articles (typically of the human interest sort), cooking entirely too much food (for others and often just for herself), and shamelessly attempting to entertain her boyfriend, Tom, her two cats, and whoever she encounters.